Hi, I'm Akshay.

Founding Partner at Prophecy, specialising in innovation, digital product design, and leading teams.

I have been a designer for over 11 years. As an early member of the team at Obvious, I helped lead projects, set up processes, and build and train the design team. Additionally, I have worked with companies like Kotak, Gradeup, Barclays and IKEA on digital products spanning education, healthcare, fintech and SaaS.

A global public health initiative that I helped design, Simple, is now deployed in public health facilities across India and is also rapidly rolling out in Bangladesh and Ethiopia.

My work has won multiple awards like Fast Company’s Innovation by Design, Core77 Design Awards, and a “Best in Show” from the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).

I also mentor startup founders for the global venture capital firm, Antler, and teach product design at Ownpath.

I am an alumnus of the National Institute of Design, India and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.